Horoscope Leo July 2022

Predictions Leo July 2022

A favorable rather than normally witnessed alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune could assist your guardian angel increase your financial picture. It also favors loans and mortgages, and you could conveniently get the funding you need. This alignment might also lead you to a valuable collectible within your or possibly a relative’s home or at a yard sale. Some Leo will acquire an inheritance.
Some close relationships might be challenging as the July 22 Moon in Aquarius spotlights your solar Seventh House. Family and workplace ties will be the almost certainly for being under worry, but you can help handle the condition by staying the 1 to search for any compromise that everybody can dwell with. Be versatile and open to other viewpoints.
Venus in Virgo, your solar Second House, through the 22nd on could put some further cash in the pocket. It is also a plus for shopping to the 28th, but stay away from the 27th, when an apparently very good deal will likely be something but. Take an opportunity over the lottery about the 28th if you really feel fortunate; a small windfall is achievable.
Get care to guard your overall health and protect against accidents near the time of the July eight Moon in Cancer, your solar Twelfth House, and once again during the final couple of days from the month. The lunar power could also increase concerns about a relative’s well being or trigger a clash at do the job. When you’ve got a pet, a trip towards the vet could possibly be vital.

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