Horoscope Leo July 2021

Predictions Leo July 2021

The increase in retrograde activity this month affects you somewhat, but not unduly. Most key areas of your life are going forwards.
The retrograde of Jupiter on the 17th reinforces the already retrograding Pluto. Take a cautious approach to speculations and creative projects.
Avoid get rich quick schemes. Try not to take important decisions regarding the children now, research the situation more thoroughly. Things may not be what they seem.
Uranus, your Love Planet, has been retrograde for some time now. With so many planets in the East the message is to become your own ideal person, to work on yourself rather than to look for yourself in others. With love opportunities seemingly limited now, use the void to improve yourself. Your love life will improve quite naturally as a result.
Mercury, your Money Planet, goes retrograde on the 31st. Thus it is good to wrap up important investments, purchases, contracts and financial deals in July rather than to wait. It’s a good financial month and your judgement is sound, so move ahead boldly.
You are serious and hard-working at the job, and serious about career issues now. If you focus on real achievement, success is guaranteed eventually. Work on a career master plan so that you can avoid short-term so-called promotions which lead you away from your true life path. Have a clear road map for the future. Spiritual and voluntary activities enhance your career. They look good on a CV, clear off negative karma and bring you important contacts.
Those of you who meditate enjoy good success all month. Religious and spiritual experiences are active and satisfying. Those of you who don’t meditate have a hyperactive dream life. Spontaneous psychic or spiritual experiences lead you to seek out teachers and psychics. Secret power struggles are resolved in your favour. Love and good will is the answer. Your ESP abilities are enhanced and the invisible world is very close to you. This is a good month to review the past year and to set goals for the new yearly cycle, which begins on your birthday.

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