Horoscope Leo January 2022

Predictions Leo January 2022

Holiday socializing will proceed into the new year as Venus advances in Sagittarius, your solar Fifth House, by the 7th. Following that, Venus moves on to Capricorn, your solar Sixth House, and that is an awesome influence for get-togethers following operate with colleagues.
Difficulties arise in not less than 1 shut romantic relationship around the time on the Moon within your sign around the 26th. Family clashes are the more than likely, but you might also be concerned within a distinction of opinion at perform or all through a professional consultation. In the event you really need to see an lawyer, accountant, or physician, one example is, make an effort to routine the appointment earlier inside the month.
Despite the fact that you will working experience ups and downs around the job this month, the January 11 Moon in Capricorn, your solar Sixth House, can have you within the spotlight into February. Network, get greater acquainted which has a choice maker, or snap up the probability to get on an extra project or shift-as prolonged because it won’t push you on the max. Do your finest to steer clear of tough people during the very first complete week of January.
Travel is inadvisable this month as a number of planets clash with Uranus in Aries, your solar Ninth House. If it is a will have to, make an effort to avoid dates throughout the 3rd, 12th, and 25th. You also could hear unexpected news from an in-law, relative, or someone else at a distance. If you’re a student, strategy ahead since tuition money could modify or be delayed.

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