Horoscope Leo January 2021

Predictions Leo January 2021

Though of all the Signs of the Zodiac you are least likely to lose your, sense of ‘I Am’, this month you come as close to it as you ever will. Ninety to 100 per cent of the planets are in the Western, social sector of your chart. The Sun, your Ruling Planet, will be in Aquarius after the 20th – its weakest position in the Zodiac. The message is very clear: even kings and queens need to let go sometimes and allow events to happen rather than to control things all the time. This is not a period for personal assertion or self-will. It is time for people pleasing, putting the interests of others ahead of yourself or making new friends and alliances and creating social harmony.
A sparkling social life is the main headline for the month. It is so strong that you can actually lose yourself in it. In love, your connection with your partner is so strong that you are not sure where you begin and he or she leaves off. There is almost no ego, only love.
Though Venus’ retrograde cautions against marriage or making important relationship commitments, you are strongly tempted to ignore this. But you shouldn’t. If love is present now it will also be present next month. There’s no hurry.
Singles have abundant romantic opportunities. The difficulty is choosing only one. Neptune’s move into your House of Marriage towards the end of the month brings a new lover into the picture – someone idealistic, poetic, musical – and with great erotic appeal. It’s quite easy to understand why your love life is so unstable. Too much can be as debilitating as too little. Marrieds are more amorous with their spouse. In general there is more socializing and party-going. Love is helping you to change your personal image.
Finances are very hot this month as well. Until the 12th there is luck with investments and speculations. Creative people prosper from their artistic creations or performances. There is great financial optimism. Money comes easily – and goes easily. After the 12th money comes from work and service. Work is easily found. Your financial judgement is more sound after the 12th. Your decisions on spending are wiser then.

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