Horoscope Leo February 2021

Predictions Leo February 2021

Still a very social month. But gradually the action is shifting to the 8th House (Psychology, Eroticism, Making Money for Others). This will help you to enhance your partner’s income.
With 90 to 100 per cent of the planets still very much in the social half of your chart, you are other-orientated, putting other people’s interests ahead of your own. It is still not wise to get involved in power struggles or too much self-assertion. Your good comes from others and you are better off adapting and compromising than going off on your own. Independence can work against you now.
With 100 per cent of the planets moving forward after the 5th and a powerful Solar Eclipse on the 26th, rest assured that change, progress and achievement are happening in your own life and in the world around you. The eclipse will blast away any vestiges of resistance. Move forward boldly towards your goals. Gain the co-operation of others and work for their grace. Pursue social objectives with vim, vigour and confidence. You are a social lion this month.
Your health and vitality improve after the 20th. But do take a reduced schedule around the period of the eclipse. Two days before and a day after is recommended. While this is good advice for everybody, it is especially important for you, as the Sun, the eclipsed planet, is also the Ruler of your Horoscope. The rule is, if you don’t absolutely have to do a thing, don’t do it. Schedule it for another time. Avoid dangerous and stressful activities during this period.
The eclipse also affects your financial life, most probably in a good way. It forces flaws in a current deal or situation to the surface – things you probably knew nothing about – and forces a correction. Investors will make important and positive changes in their portfolio. A decision must be taken in a tax or insurance case. Offers of outside capital should be researched more thoroughly.
Venus’ forward motion on the 5th shows that a problem with a sibling or co-worker is resolving itself.

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