Horoscope Leo December 2021

Predictions Leo December 2021

December always tends to be a party month for you, Leo. Not only is it the holiday season, but the Sun is always moving through your 5th House during this month. But this December, your party spirit is even stronger than usual. Four powerful planets move through your 5th House and they are well aspected and supported by Saturn.
All these planets are in harmonious aspect to you, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a sober moment. The party period is most intense until the 22nd – and you are the life of every party.
The 5th House not only rules actual parties but entertainments and amusements of all sorts. Thus there are trips to the cinema, plays, concerts, dances, nightclubs and discos right now.
The 5th House also rules non-committed love affairs – love affairs outside the marriage and which don’t lead to marriage. Singles see a lot of action right now as well. For most of December you are on a cosmic holiday – enjoy!
Those of you who are artists are unusually inspired this period. You have a banner month.
The urge to speculate recklessly is very strong now. Yes, Lady Luck is with you, but she will be with you more powerfully after the 11th than before. The retrograde of your Money Planet in the 5th House suggests caution in all speculations, whether in the stock or commodities markets or at the casino or track. Avoid speculating, if possible, until after the 11th.
Even then, try to limit your risks. Still, money is earned pleasurably and comes easily after the 11th. There is great financial optimism and an inner consciousness of wealth. People are generous with you and you with them. Both spending and earnings increase. A creative idea creates wealth where none existed before. A new way to amuse or entertain others brings profits.
Those of you involved in serious relationships have more fun within the relationship. In spite of the fact that singles have plenty of romantic flings available, there is one special someone they are chasing. Quite soon now, it will happen.
Your health is excellent all month.

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