Horoscope Leo December 2020

The Moon waxes from the 14th to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 1st to the 14th and on the 31st: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 14th is a Solar Eclipse. It’s usually wise to take a reduced schedule at these times and avoid stressful activities. Read on for more details. The Moon of the 30th is a Lunar Eclipse – again it would be wise to reduce your schedule and avoid stressful situations. See below for more information.
Every Eclipse brings long-term changes to the world at large. Some bring more than others. The two Eclipses we have this month are stronger than usual in that other planets (besides the Sun and the Moon) are also impacted – Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. So expect big change in your world and in the people around you. Happily, compared to most you are little affected (though your personal Horoscope designed for your specific date and time of birth could modify this).
Every Solar Eclipse brings an opportunity (and sometimes an enforced one) to get your body, image, personal appearance and self-concept in shape. This Solar Eclipse (on December 14th) is no different. Perhaps you are dressing in a way that is sending the wrong message to others. Perhaps your sense of yourself is either over-inflated or too low – neither position is good. Perhaps toxins have collected in the system and need cleansing. The Solar Eclipse takes care of all these things. This one is kinder than most. It won’t hurt, though, to take a reduced schedule.
This Solar Eclipse affects Mercury, your Financial Planet. So important financial decisions (of a long-term nature) are being taken now. Many of you will fine-tune your investments or investment strategies. Many of you will change your banker, broker, accountant or financial advisor. Some of you might experience a short-term loss or financial shock so that you learn the right attitude towards money. Perhaps there was an irrational fear that blocks your earning power – the Eclipse will force you to confront it so that real wealth can come to you. Just as the body sometimes collects impurities, so too does the financial consciousness. Understand the process, it is beautiful. All of these phenomena are short- term and when the dust settles you will be in better financial shape than before. (Mercury is moving forward and receives basically good aspects). Try to avoid speculations around the time of Solar Eclipse.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 30th affects your spiritual life, creativity and a love affair outside of marriage. Many of you will change spiritual paths or practices in the coming months. Many of you who are not on the path will find it – be almost compelled to find it. A creative project suffers some upheaval so that it can be made more perfect. A child is making important changes to his or her image. Your dream life at this time should be taken with many grains of salt. Much of it is just psychic debris stirred up by the Eclipse.
Mars leaving your 7th House of Love on the 8th is doing much to ease your love life. Your love life is still far from stable, but much more stable than it has been in the past month – everything is relative. There is greater synchronicty with your beloved these days.

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