Horoscope Leo December 2019

This is a time of year for parties and you are still in a personal party period – so everything is aligned for a fun kind of month. You are always the life and soul of the party, but this period even more so. Personal fertility is still very strong until the 21st (for those of child-bearing age), so a word to the wise is sufficient.
After the 21st you enter a more serious, work-oriented period. You’re partied out. There are work goals that need to be attended to now. This is another excellent period for job seekers or for those who employ others. Taking on extra jobs this period would not be a surprise.
Though your health is basically good, you seem more focused here after the 21st. Most likely you are involved with the health of family members, and not necessarily your own.
Finances are excellent this month. Mercury is in lucky Sagittarius until the 24th. The only problem is overspending, which is likely. The financial optimism is so high that you feel you can afford everything. Financial expectations can be unreasonable or exaggerated this period. It is good to be generous, and few are as generous as you Leo, but try to keep it within bounds. After the 24th, as Mercury enters conservative Capricorn, the financial judgement is sound and down to earth. (Perhaps the bills are coming in and this sobers you up.) In truth, speculations are favourable until the 24th, but after that date they are not advisable.
The lower half of the Horoscope is still dominant, although this will change next month. For the moment it is still important to focus on the home and family and your emotional well being and stability, to create the inner condi­tions for success. Your career planet will make a rare (once in two years) retrograde move on the 21st, so your career will be under review now. It is a time for gaining mental clarity here. Take whatever time is necessary. There is no rush. Once you have mental clarity it will be easy to make the right career moves.
There are some very powerful planetary alignments at the end of the month from the 23rd to the 31st. You, the beloved and family members need to drive more carefully, and to avoid risky stunts and conflict. If you read the news¬≠papers this period, you will understand what we’re talking about here.