Horoscope Leo August 2021

Predictions Leo August 2021 2021

Though August is tumultuous, possible stormy, it is nevertheless good and exciting. You emerge from all the tumult smelling like a rose.
Many planets retrograde, along with two powerful eclipses which ensure that things won’t be dull. Life is a soap opera now, just the way you like it.
The eclipses of August are especially prominent for you, in that they occur along your 1st House-7th House axis – the angles of your Solar chart. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th complicates an already complicated love life. Your Love Planet in retrograde motion for the past few months has made you cautious about a current relationship. You are biding your time, watching how things develop, letting events guide you. But the eclipse is going to force change, action and some kind of decision. Events will happen that force you off the fence. You either have to carry the relationship forward or get out.
Solar eclipses are always important for you, Leo, as the Sun is your Ruling Planet. They always bring personality changes, changes in your image, diet or personal appearance. But this one, because it occurs in your own Sign of Leo, is doubly powerful.
Be sure to take a reduced schedule from the 20th to the 23rd. What you must do, you must do. But what isn’t necessary – elective activities of the stressful sort – should be rescheduled. Rest, relax, read a book, meditate and stay close to home. Avoid needless travel and needless risk-taking.
This would not be a bad time to take a holiday – a foreign land seems better than your own country. Just try to avoid travelling during the days of the eclipses.
Your Money Planet, Mercury, is retrograde until the 23rd. Your earning power remains strong, but your financial judgement is not what it should be. Postpone major purchases, investments or long-term financial commitments until after the 23rd. Do your homework on these things before the 23rd, but don’t finalize any deals until afterwards. There is a tendency to spend on yourself now – on clothing, jewellery or accessories – but try to make wise purchases.
Your health and energy are generally excellent now. Fitness and exercise regimes go well. Your athletic ability is stronger than usual and your personal creativity is high. Your personal appearance shines and your social charisma is strong. But social charisma, while attracting the opposite sex, won’t necessarily solve relationship problems, which are caused by deeper things. Basically you have to decide whether you want freedom or commitment. It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that.

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