Horoscope Leo August 2019

You are still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak, so this is a fun month – Leo heaven. Health is super and you have the energy of ten people. Even older Leos have more energy than usual. You look good, and self-confidence and self-esteem are at their peak for the year. Continue to create your life and the conditions of life as you desire them to be. The world will adapt to you these days.
The job situation seems stressful and perhaps unstable this August, but job opportunities abound for you. Your financial planet Mercury crosses your Ascendant on the 8th and enters your sign. This shows prosperity. Financial wind­falls come and you spend more on yourself. Your personal appearance seems important financially and thus you spend on this.
On the 22nd you enter a yearly financial peak. Prosperity is happening and from the 8th to the 24th there is luck in speculations. Your spouse, partner or current love is also prospering, although you need to work harder to create financial harmony between you after the 24th. This is a good month to fund your investment accounts and make financial plans for the future.
Last month on the 22nd, the planetary power started to shift from the upper half of your chart to the lower half. This month the shift is complete and by the end of the month 60 per cent of the planets will be in the lower half of the chart. Thus it is time to start focusing on the family, the home and the emotional life and less on the career. This is a time for working on the career by interior methods such as visualiza­tions, to create the inner conditions for future career success.
The beloved needs to drive more defensively on the 1st and 2nd. He or she could be more temperamental that period, so show more patience. Children or children figures in your life need to avoid risky activities from the 4th to the 13th and from 18th to the 25th. Do your best to keep them out of harm’s way. Daredevil-type stunts need to be avoided. This is not a time for speculations either. A good educational or travel opportunity comes after the 28th.