Horoscope Leo August 2018

Retrograde activity increases this month. In a way it is good that this happens during the summer, when people tend to schedule their holidays. It’s a good time for you to get away, too. You are still in a yearly personal pleasure peak until the 23rd.
Your financial planet goes retrograde from the 3rd until the 26th. Try not to make any important – major – financial moves now. Sure, you shop for groceries and the normal necessities, but big items, major investments, need more homework. As always under a Mercury retrograde, it’s best to review your finances – your products and services – and see where things can be improved. You are very speculative this month and feel very lucky – the retrograde of Mercury suggests, however, that you should tone this down.
In spite of the retrograde, this looks like a prosperous month. Mercury is making beautiful aspects with Jupiter early in the month, and after the 23rd the Sun and Venus make beautiful aspects with Jupiter. This tends to indicate financial optimism, success and increase. Also on the 23rd you begin a yearly financial peak.
Mars, your travel planet, enters your spiritual 12th house on the 3rd. This suggests spiritual or religious-orientated travel – a pilgrimage or spiritual seminar or workshop. The only problem is that the two planets that relate to travel -Jupiter and Mercury – are both retrograde at the same time.
Best not to travel, but if you must, protect yourself as best you can. Allow more time for the journey, don’t schedule connecting flights too tightly, and make sure you have travel insurance.
Career is still very important and Venus, your career planet, has been in your own sign since the 23rd of last month. This shows that career opportunities are seeking you out. You look successful, you have the image of success, others see you as successful. You are in the ‘vibrations’ of success. But the planetary power is shifting. The upper half, dominant since the beginning of the year, is now not so dominant. The upper and lower halves of your chart are about equal in power. Thus, it is not all ‘career, career, career’ nowadays. It is time to pay more attention to your family and to your emotional well-being. Next month the lower half will actually be stronger than the upper half.
Love is still basically happy, but progresses at a slower pace than over the last few months. This is as it should be. Your love planet is still retrograde. Your social judgement is not up to its usual standards, and so it is good to let love develop as it will.
Mars receives and makes some dynamic aspects this month. It squares Uranus from the 3rd to the 8th, and then opposes Pluto.
Avoid risky activities, and be more patient with your beloved, partners, and family members. Avoid conflicts and confrontations. Take a few deep breaths before speaking in provocative situations. This advice is good for family members, parent figures and your beloved as well.

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