Horoscope Leo April 2021

Predictions Leo April 2021

April is one of your happiest months in a good year. Most of the planets are now in the upper half of your Horoscope, indicating career ambition and a need to succeed in the world at large. You feel it is more important to do well than to feel well. And yet, you do feel well. Your energy and vitality are unusually strong until the 20th.
Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are moving forward, indicating great progress and achievement. The momentum of your life is onwards and upwards. Even Mercury’s retrograde is short lived – it starts to move forward on the 20th. Watch how stalled payments, financial deals and projects start moving forward again. Watch how your financial judgement and sense for value start to improve. Until the 20th, however, continue to be cautious in financial matters. Investigate all purchases and investments more carefully than usual.
Mercury’s forward motion and Venus-Jupiter going conjunct the week of the 20th to the 26th shows that a new car, or new communication equipment is coming to you – expensive, long-lasting items. Some of you are buying boats this month. There is success in sales and marketing projects.
Investors enjoy trading success. Retailers do well. Someone remembers you in a will. Those of you involved in litigation involving property hear good news. You attract outside capital – either through borrowing or investment – easily and effortlessly.
Though your good still comes through the good graces of others, you are becoming more independent day by day. The first stirrings of this independence begin after the 20th; the momentum will continue for the next few months. But don’t go off on your own just yet.
Those of you looking for work (or who employ others) enjoy good success the week of the 20th-26th. A family connection either lands you the right job or brings you the right employee.
Your love life is still active, still exciting, still unstable. Anything can happen at anytime. You are kept on your toes. Venus move into Pisces on the 4th creates greater sensitivity of feeling. Mind your tone of voice when dealing with a lover, family members or partners. Love becomes more erotic and physical.
Rest and relax more after the 20th, and also be more patient with your spouse, lover or partner.

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