Horoscope Leo April 2019

You have another window for starting new projects at the Moon on the 10th, although the 11th is also good. You have all the aspects that you would want to have for this -many planets in Aries, a waxing Moon and a strong forward momentum of the planets (90 per cent are moving forward until the 12th).
Most of the planets are still above the horizon of your chart in the upper half of the Horoscope, and your 10th career house becomes very powerful after the 19th. You are entering a yearly career peak and there is much success and forward progress happening. Keep the focus on the career and let family and home issues go for a while. You can’t completely ignore the home and the family, but you can shift your focus to your career. When the Sun, your ruling planet, crosses your Mid-heaven on the 19th you are on top; you are in charge. This situation doesn’t last for too long – only about a month – so enjoy it while it’s happening. You are like a celebrity in your world this month. You are looked up to, honoured and appreciated. Your career focus – and the fact that you are calling the shots – creates some tension with the family. Be patient with them and avoid being overbearing.
Your 9th house is still very powerful until the 19th, so review our discussion of this last month.
Your financial planet is now moving forward and will be in your 8th house until the 14th. Review last month’s discussion of this. It’s a good time to pay down or make new debt, according to your needs. In the past few months a lot of finan­cial waste has been eliminated, thus when Mercury enters Aries on the 14th your prosperity will be more solid. You are always a speculator and a risk-taker, but after the 14th even more so. You seem lucky in this department then. Mercury in Aries favours new ventures. It indicates financial confidence. Financial goals are attained quickly. Financial decisions are made quickly (perhaps too quickly). Financial opportunities come in foreign lands or with foreign companies or foreigners in general. People in your place of worship are also involved -in a positive way – with your finances.
Love is still good. The unattached have wonderful opportunities now. Those already in relationships are closer to the beloved now. A second honeymoon or a romantic getaway to an exotic place seems in order. Romantic oppor­tunities are pretty much as we have described in the yearly report.
A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th affects you strongly (espe­cially those of you born early in the sign, the July Leos), so take it easy over the period. Be more patient with family members as they seem more temperamental. Do your best to maintain emotional equilibrium. This eclipse announces important changes in your spiritual life, in your practice and attitudes.