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The Year of the Dog begins on 4 February and is one of considerable opportunity for the Horse, although to benefit he will need to watch his self-willed and independent nature. Joint enterprise and effort will be rewarded, but if the Horse adopts a go-it-alone attitude or allows his restless and impulsive nature to get the better of him, then some good opportunities could be lost.

The Horse’s work prospects are, however, especially promising. Many Horses will build on their experience and make considerable headway. Also, by being active and willing to contribute, the Horse will find his initiative often being recognized. As so many Horses have found, making that little bit of extra effort can make so much difference.
The Horse will also benefit from the support of others and by working well as part of a team (and watching his independent nature), he will not only be able to accomplish that much more but will also help his prospects. He should also make the most of any chances to get to know other colleagues. If he is able to become better known, he will find it helpful both in the present and near future.

For those Horses who are satisfied in their present area of work the Dog year will often bring excellent chances to progress, including promotion opportunities, while for those seeking work or keen to change the nature of what they do, there will be some exciting prospects. These Horses can be greatly helped by the advice of close colleagues as well as guidance offered by professional organizations. The input of others can make a considerable difference to how the Horse fares over the year. March, May, July and September could see some positive developments, but in general this is a year when effort and talent will be recognized and well rewarded.

The favorable aspects also extend to financial matters. Many Horses will see an increase in income and some may be able to supplement this by overtime or additional work. However, while the aspects may be positive, the Horse does need to handle his finances well, including making allowances for some of the substantial outgoings he has and the plans he wants to carry through. Also, when dealing with important transactions and paperwork, he needs to be thorough. Should he face any problems, he would do well to seek advice rather than deal with sometimes complex matters single-handedly.

Accommodation matters will also figure prominently over the year, with quite a few Horses deciding to move. For those who do, the process could take up considerable time and effort. However, while there will be moments of despair and these Horses may wonder if what they are embarking on is really worthwhile, events will sometimes move in fortuitous ways. In some cases a lot can happen all at once after months of inactivity. By the year’s end, those who have moved will often be delighted with the amenities their new location offers. In this respect, the Dog year can be significant and eventful.
This is also a favourable year as far as the Horse’s relations with others are concerned. For unattached Horses who would welcome new friendships and perhaps romance, the Dog year can bring quite a transformation and the chance to meet someone who will quickly become special. And such are the aspects that many Horses will settle down with a partner, and become engaged or married over the year. Again, the events of the year can move in exciting ways. For meeting others and socializing, April, June, August and September are particularly favourable.

The Horse will also value his domestic life over the year, especially the support given by his loved ones. With some of the opportunities that the year will bring, it is important that he talks through his thoughts and options with those close to him. Not only will this help to clarify certain situations in his own mind, but others could also raise matters that need to be addressed. This is a year when consultation can be beneficial in many ways.
In addition to the encouragement the Horse will receive for his own activities, he will also enjoy the interests and household projects he shares with family members. And with the prospects of some Horses moving and the ambitious household projects that many have lined up, this is very much a year for planning and doing things together.

In addition to all the practical activity, the Dog year will contain some memorable family highlights, possibly including a special holiday or break or a house-warming party. There will certainly be events in 2006 that the Horse will both value and long remember.
Overall, the aspects are very much on the Horse’s side during the year, but to benefit he does need to act in conjunction with others and restrain his sometimes overly independent nature. With support, co-operation and the goodwill of others, however, he can achieve and enjoy a great deal during the Dog year.

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