Horoscope Goat 2018

The Year of the Dog starts on 4 February and will be a mixed one for the Goat. During some parts of the year he could face some challenging situations. However, despite the variable aspects, the Dog year can teach the Goat a great deal as well as prepare him for some of the successes he will enjoy in following years. Throughout the year, however, he should try not to take certain situations too personally. Sometimes events happen that are outside his control and he should accept this rather than feel they are personal slights. If he can bear this in mind -and adopt a thicker skin – then he will find it will help. And tricky though some parts of the year may be, it will certainly not be without its positive aspects.

In the Goat’s work this is a year for care and thoroughness and for concentrating on the areas he knows best. By remaining disciplined, he will not only accomplish a great deal but will also add to his experience and enhance his future prospects. And while he will face some problems and pressures, these will be good learning opportunities and will allow him to extend his skills. Some parts of the year will be demanding, but the Goat can emerge from them stronger, wiser and often with greater scope for the future.
Throughout the year the Goat should aim to work closely with others. Not only will this help when dealing with some of the pressures and problems that will arise, but he will also value the support and advice that those around him can give, especially more senior colleagues. If he is concerned or troubled by any problem or recent development, he would certainly find it helpful to talk matters over rather than keep his worries to himself.

Also, should any difference of opinion or tricky situation arise with a colleague, the Goat should try to resolve this as quickly and amicably as he can and certainly not allow it to overshadow what he does or spoil his good standing. Some incidents over the year may well be testing, but this is very much a time for knuckling down and concentrating on what needs to be done rather than being distracted by unproductive or unhelpful matters. Goats, do take note.
Those Goats who are particularly anxious to move on from their present position or are seeking work will fare best by looking for openings which draw on their experience rather than trying for something too different from what they have been doing. With competition for some positions being particularly keen, these Goats will find it helpful to thoroughly prepare for any interview. The more informed they are, the better their chances. They will also need to remain focused and persevering, but what they achieve now can prove very important in the longer term. April, June, October and November could see the best work opportunities.

An area which certainly requires care, however, is finance. During the Dog year, the Goat will need to keep a close watch on his spending and overall situation. If he does not already do so, keeping a set of accounts could help him to keep track of his position. This is a year for a careful and disciplined approach, and should the Goat take on any costly commitment, he does need to check the terms and implications thoroughly. This is a time for vigilance.
More positively aspected are the Goat’s personal interests and despite the considerable demands on his time, it is important that he continues to develop these. The many Goats who enjoy creative pursuits will find them especially fulfilling and will often be encouraged by the feedback they receive and could find their work enjoying a certain recognition and success in the Dog year. The Goat will also find his interests a marvellous way to relax and sometimes to meet others as well. They really can do him a lot of good over the year.

The Goat will also value his domestic life and the willingness of others to help will mean a great deal to him. It is important, however, that the Goat is forthcoming with his concerns, and if he is tired or tense, he should let others know, so that they are aware and can possibly do more to help. Though a tricky year, this is also very much one for good communication and for spending time with loved ones.
The Goat also sets much store by his social life, but while the year will contain some happy and often lively occasions, the Goat does need to be his attentive self as well as watch his words, otherwise a careless comment or lack of attention could mar an occasion or even friendship.

However, provided the Goat remains aware of this, he can do much to prevent awkward or embarrassing situations from arising. Any Goats who would welcome a more fulfilling social life could find that joining an interest group, or perhaps giving time to a charitable cause will add a new dimension to their life. May, July, September and December will be the busiest and most rewarding months socially.
Overall, this is a year for treading carefully. While some of situations that arise will demand a lot of the Goat, they often will have hidden benefits, particularly as they will add to his experience, reveal new strengths and prepare the way for the success that awaits in the more favorable next Pig year.

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