Horoscope Gemini September 2021

Predictions Gemini September 2021

Rest and relax more until the 23rd, Gemini, but especially from the 4th to the 6th – the period of the Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse makes stressful aspects to you, so you need to avoid doing things that aren’t necessary or which can be scheduled for another time. This is not a period for arduous, stressful activities which require you to be 100 per cent up to par. Elective surgery, dental work or long drives or flights should be re-scheduled for another time. Read a book, catch up on those films you’ve meant to watch, listen to great music or meditate.
The actual Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 6th and indicates long-term changes in your career and financial life. If you have been off-centre in your choice of your life’s work the eclipse going to show you this and get you back on track.
For those of you who are already on the right track, the eclipse will help you fine-tune your future direction by revealing flaws or mistakes in your approach or in your current career situation. Thus you will be able to make positive changes. This is fundamentally a fabulous career year, so the eclipse is going to lead you to greater advancement after the dust settles. For some it will produce a great upheaval in the corporate structure – in upper management or in the current chain of command – thus creating opportunities for you.
For others it will produce an offer from another company with better pay and better conditions. Crisis should be viewed as opportunity. A long brewing tension with a parent (or parental figure) surfaces abruptly, forcing a remedy whether you like it or not. Sudden moves or changes of residence could happen now as well.
The eclipse occurs quite close to your Love Planet, signalling major changes in a current relationship or partnership. Though you have been rightly cautious about taking final decisions, the eclipse is going to force the issue – one way or another. Sound relationships will get stronger and become more committed. Bad ones will probably dissolve now. A stormy month for love. Even good relationships will be tense.
It would be a good idea to wear the colours, scents and gems associated with your Sign (see Gemini at a Glance, above). After the 23rd, things settle down and the joy of life returns.

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