Horoscope Gemini October 2021

Predictions Gemini October 2021

By the 7th all the short-term planets will be in your Western, social sector and your focus is more on other people and their interests, less on your own. Charm, diplomacy and tact will bring your good to you, not independence and self-assertion. You are adapting to events rather than creating them – but this plays to your strength. A good and successful month.
The Air element dominates the month until the 23rd. This enhances your already formidable communication and writing skills. Take out those unfinished letters and writing projects and finish them. People are more talkative this month as well. Of course this is a heavenly situation for you, but mind your phone bill and be careful not to overdo. Try to direct this bankroll of intellectual energy to constructive, profitable projects rather than to idle gossip.
Your health is excellent all month. Self-esteem and self- confidence are strong as well. Seldom have you been more brilliant or looked as good. After the 12th there is added depth to your mind as well. Health can be enhanced this month through the more expressive forms of exercises – dance, figure skating and the like. Dietary purity and de-tox programmes also help.
This is a party month filled with entertainments and amusements. Your love life is improving day by day. Committed or long-standing relationships still need some work, but singles have ample love affairs (or opportunities) and short-term flings.
Job-seekers enjoy good success after the 12th. Before that you want to party more than work.
Uranus forward motion on the 18th shows that blocked or stalled educational opportunities or travel plans are now moving forwards again. Good news comes from university administrators or graduate schools. Law suits work out in your favour. A good period to negotiate an out-of- court settlement.
Your career, too, is starting to progress again. But it will really soar when Jupiter starts moving forward in the coming months.

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