Horoscope Gemini October 2019

There is much power in the Water element this month. There will always be at least half of the planets in Water signs, and at times up to 70 per cent of them. Keep in mind our previous discussions of this. Be more mindful of the sensitivities of others (this month they are likely to be hypersensitive). When the Water element is this strong people become nostalgic and sentimental. Moods override logic. At times like this clear thinkers such as you are more needed than ever. A dose of rational thinking (communi­cated in a sensitive way) is what the world needs right now.
The Grand Square in the heavens that we mentioned last month is still in effect until the 23rd. This presages a hectic, active period – personally, for the beloved, for friends and for the world at large. Big things are manifesting now. But, like last month, you still manage to have fun in spite of the hectic pace. You are still in one of your yearly personal plea­sure peaks until the 23rd.
There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th that occurs in your 11th house of friendship. Basically the eclipse is benign to you, but it might not be so benign to the people around you, so it’s best to take things a bit easier. As always, do what needs to be done, but re-schedule what you can, especially if the activities promise to be stressful. This eclipse brings financial changes, which will turn out well in the long run. It brings dramas in the lives of friends and friendships can be tested. This eclipse impacts on Jupiter, your love planet, so your current relationship has a brief rough spot. The beloved will likely be more temperamental so be patient. Don’t take things too personally. Basically there is harmony between you and the beloved and you will get through this period.
The situation at work still seems highly unstable. This has been the case all year, but now it seems particularly intense. Uranus’ square to Pluto, your work planet, is very exact now. The good news is that you are very focused on work all month and so you seem willing to overcome all the various challenges and changes. Job seekers have excellent aspects all month, but especially after the 23rd. In spite of all the instability at work, the overall career seems very good. The career trends that we have been discussing for the past few months are still in effect.
Health is good this month. Also you seem more focused here, giving it a lot of attention. Your state of health dramati­cally impacts on your personal appearance these days and this is not always the case, so staying healthy does more for your looks than all the perfumes and cosmetics in the world. This seems the reason for the focus – not ill health.