Horoscope Gemini October 2018

Most of the planets – 70 to 80 per cent – are still in the Western, social sector of your chart. There are many planets in romantic, social Libra as well. Even your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Libra until the 15th. So this is a social month.
This is not yet your social peak, which will happen next month, but sort of preparation for it. Continue to cultivate your social skills. Adapt to situations as best you can. If they are unpleasant, make a note of what displeases you, so that you can correct it in future when the planets are more conducive for that. Attain your way by consensus, grace and charm rather than by might and power. Stay in harmony with friends and your good will come to you easily and naturally. If you try to force things, you will delay your good.
Love seems happy this month – the retrograde of your love planet notwithstanding. It is not really a month for wedding bells – though it is a more romantic month -it seems more about love affairs. Courtship rather than marriage. Singles have many choices – older, more established people, intellectuals, neighbours and old flames from the past. Too much of a good thing is sometimes worse than too little. It introduces all kinds of complications and confusion – still, it is a nice problem to have. As we have been saying all along, go slow in love and let it develop. There is no rush.
There are some bumps on the road to love this month as your love planet receives some stressful aspects. But these are all short-term phenomena. Be more patient with the beloved from the 13th to the 18th and from the 27th to the 30th.
Most of the planets are still below the horizon of your chart, so this is still a time for focusing on family and domestic issues – for attaining emotional harmony. Your career planet, Neptune, is still retrograde, so career issues still need time for resolution.
You are still very much in a yearly personal pleasure peak until the 23rd. Keep in mind our discussion from last month. This is still in effect until the 23rd.
This month your horoscope is a ‘splash’ type. This means that the planets are more or less dispersed through the entire chart. This shows many, many interests. Geminis by nature have many interests. But now this is reinforced. While this leads to a well-rounded development – you have many interests and you do many things well – it can lead to a dispersion of your energy – a lack of focus. Sometimes it is better to have a narrower field of interest and focus on those things – the likelihood for success is greater. You will have to ‘force yourself to focus on your real priorities now. The temptation to disperse yourself will be very great.
Finances are status quo. In general earning power should be stronger from the 1st to the 12th and from the 26th onwards – as the Moon waxes – than at other times. You can schedule yourself accordingly.

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