Horoscope Gemini November 2021

Predictions Gemini November 2021

With most planets in the Western, social sector and the impending retrograde of Mercury later in the month, power struggles and undue self-assertion should be avoided. Resist not and agree with thine adversary quickly. Let others have their way – within reason – and conserve your energy for what’s really important to you. Make love, not war.
Rest and relax more after the 21st. You have a difficult juggling act to do this month. Career, love life and family responsibilities are all important and demand your attention. You cannot ignore any of them, but must somehow make them all co-operate, rather than conflict, with each other.
Important career developments are taking place now. Your Career Planet (Neptune) moves into Aquarius, indicating a need for freedom in your career. Many career changes are on the cards in the next few years. Those of you who are in the early stages of your career will change professions – not just jobs, but actual life’s work. Those of you already established in a career are likely to change the way you practise it. You may bring in more technology, or work in more beautiful surroundings, or donate your professional skills to charities or humanitarian efforts.
Both Neptune and Jupiter are involved with your career this year. Both are moving forward this month, showing that stalled projects, plans, promotions, etc. are now moving forward again. Your career has direction, focus and clarity. The way and the how of achieving career goals in now revealed to you. Your lover or partner is now ready to support career goals. Push forward boldly.
Love is active this month. A current relationship is now clarified and you know what to do one way or another. If you stay with it, the relationship is moving forward and getting deeper and more intimate. If you leave or dissolve it, new love is easy to find. Parties and social gatherings dominate the month.
The home and family situation seems tense. Tempers are flaring. Perhaps there is heavy construction work going on there. Lots of physical activity. But this is all short term; after the 27th things will settle down.

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