Horoscope Gemini November 2020

The Moon waxes on the 1st and from the 15th to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 2nd to the 15th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 15th occurs in Scorpio, your 6th Solar House. Health and career issues become clearer as the month unfolds. We have two Moons this month. The Moon of the 1st occurs in Taurus, your 12th Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve spiritual and charitable goals. The Moon of the 30th occurs in Gemini, your 1st Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve fitness and personal pleasure goals. Treat yourself well on the 30th, you deserve it.
Rest and relax more after the 23rd. Vitality is much better before then than after.
Most of the planets are in the west, including Mercury, your Ruler; Your 7th House becomes powerful after, the 23rd. This is no time for self-assertion; power struggles or trying to force events. Flow, relax, compromise; agree with thine adversary quickly and allow good to come to you. Saturn in your own Sign also suggests taking a low profile.
Happy travel opportunities are coming, but can you travel and handle your work load? This could even jeopardize your job. This month the Grand Trine in Air only lasts two days -the 3rd and the 4th. But with Mercury now forward, sales, marketing and communication projects go much better than last month.
Both the Grand Trine in Air (mentioned above) and the Grand Trine in Water (on the 23rd and 24th) are bringing financial windfalls and opportunities. The Grand Trine in Water is also bringing love your way.
The planets are making an important shift from the upper half of the Horoscope to the lower – this hapipens towards the end of the month. This signals a shift in orientation from career and putward objectives to home, family and domestic issues. With Neptune (the Family Planet) now forward you can expect much progress in this department.
Mars going conjunct Neptune on November 5th arid 6th suggests some heavy work around, the house. Perhaps a repair. Mind your temper with family members.
Finances will be very strong this month – especially until the 22nd. As we mentioned, the Grand Trine in Water (23rd/24th) is also helping. Money seems to come from work but speculations are favourable too. The health field seems an interesting place to invest – but do your horned work first.
Love is active and happy this month. Not perfect, but better than worse. You seem the aggressor and pursuer in love. And though there are many romantic opportunities, you should avoid making serious commitments as your Love Planet is retrograde this whole month. Let love develop and grow as it will.

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