Horoscope Gemini May 2021

Predictions Gemini May 2021

Seventy per cent of the planets are in forward motion this month, and all but one of the planets which are retrograde are not key planets for you. Thus the momentum of your life is onwards, upwards and forwards. Continue to move boldly toward your goals.
The majority of the planets are now in the Eastern sector of your chart, indicating independence of action and self-fulfilment. Mercury in Aries until the 15th further reinforces this sense of independence and adventure that you feel. You want things your way and you will have them that way.
Career is important to you and much progress has been made of late – especially last month. Last month was a career peak; now, the retrograde of your Career Planet shows that you need to digest and assimilate your gains before making further moves. Things rarely go straight up. They go up in stages, with many pauses from peak to peak – something like the behaviour of stock prices. Your overall career is still bullish, but in a holding stage of the upward trend.
A similar situation exists socially. Last month was a peak; this month is still good, but not as active as April.
Uranus and Neptune going retrograde in your 9th House (Travel, Education, Religion and Philosophy) shows that foreign trips need to be reviewed – and perhaps rescheduled for another time. If you absolutely must travel, of course do so. If it’s not absolutely necessary, schedule it for another time. Only you can discern these things.
Mercury, Your Ruler, moves through Aries and Taurus this month. While in Aries (until the 15th) you are active, independent, adventurous and brash. You make decisions quickly and confidently. You absorb information even more quickly than you usually do. Be careful of arguments. After the 15th, you become a bit more conservative and practical. You think more before taking a decision. Decisions take longer, but they are sounder.
Power in the 12th House (Spirituality) for this month (until the 21st) shows a need for introspection and review – a need to set targets for the coming year, which begins on your birthday.

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