Horoscope Gemini March 2021

Predictions Gemini March 2021

Ninety to 100 per cent of the planets are still very much above the Horizon of your chart, indicating that your career interests and outer ambitions continue to be most prominent and important to you. You are tending to ignore home and family issues, though the Lunar Eclipse of the 13th is going to bring them into prominence for a while. Flaws in the home, a family relationship or in a domestic routine will reveal themselves, forcing a remedy. This will be a distraction, but not a major one. Your focus is still the outside world.
Though there are only two retrogrades this month, both of them impact on you. The retrograde of Mercury, your Ruler, shows a reversal of opinion about your personal goals and personal desires. You may change your mind about things you thought you enjoyed or wanted. Your self- esteem and confidence are not what they should be, so this is no time to enter into power struggles. Bide your time and let events themselves show you what to do. It would not be advisable to make important health or dietary decisions during Mercury’s retrograde.
The retrograde of Pluto on the 8th shows that a current work project or work relationship needs to be reviewed. A project that you thought would take X amount of time might take longer. A work assignment could be put on hold for a while. Those of you who are employing others should do so before the 8th. After that, employment decisions need more careful review and research. A friend or lover who works with you is reviewing his or her relationship with you.
Your health will improve after the 20th; until then try to rest and relax more. Career issues will keep you very busy, but don’t let yourself get over-tired.
Your career is going very well. Bosses and superiors look upon you with favour. Pay rises and promotions (if you have not yet received them) are still likely this month. Job offers are abundant, but after the 8th you must review them very carefully. Things are not what they seem. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

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