Horoscope Gemini March 2019

Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, and a very important planet in your life, went retrograde on February 23 and will be retrograde until the 17th of this month. You are success­ful but seem to lack direction. This is a period for gaining mental clarity about your personal goals and family issues. Perhaps you are not sure of the kind of image you want to project, so take the time to do homework on these things. Clarity will come after the 17th.
You are definitely in charge in the romance department. You seem above the beloved, calling the shots. Often this creates problems. It is wonderful to have authority, but if it is abused there will be love problems. Friends might not take too kindly to this either. The beloved (and friends in general) are in conflict with their families and this is adding to the stress. The love and social life improves dramatically after the 20th and next month will be even better.
The Sun will be in Aries from the 20th onwards. This is considered the best starting energy of the year. Spring is when the plants start to grow and nature resurrects. In addi­tion the planetary momentum is overwhelmingly forward, especially after the 17th, so this is another great time to begin new ventures. The 20th to the 27th is the best time to begin things.
Your health still needs watching until the 20th. Review our discussion of this last month. Health and energy roar back after the 20th.
On the 20th your 11th house of friends becomes power­ful. Thus it is a strong social period. You are involved with friends, groups, group activities and professional organiza­tions. It is a very good time to upgrade your technology or to increase your general knowledge here. Foreign trips are also likely after the 20th as Uranus (your travel planet) gets intense stimulation. Group tours seem more favourable than solo travel.
Pluto, your work planet, receives stressful aspects after the 20th and so there are probably job changes afoot. This could be with your present company or with another one. Also the conditions of work are changing. Those of you who employ others experience employee turnover and instability these days. You will also be making dramatic changes to the health regime and diet.