Horoscope Gemini June 2021

Predictions Gemini June 2021

A very good month in a good year. Saturn’s move into Taurus on 10th June doesn’t affect you too much on the worldly level, though it does have deep spiritual and psychological implications. But first let’s deal with the world.
Most of the planets (70 per cent) are moving forward; Mercury, your Ruler, moves forward speedily; most of the planets are in your Eastern sector of the self; and your own Sign of Gemini is powerful this month. This is a period when you can create conditions and circumstances as you like them. You call the shots in life. You have things your way. Though one would never advocate power struggles, in some cases they are called for, and if you need to engage in them this is the month for it. With macho Mars and the royal Sun in Gemini you are not going to be pushed around by anyone. Your righteous wrath is a thing of beauty, awesome in its destructive power. Make sure you aim it properly before letting it loose. Pity the person who crosses verbal swords with you right now. Your normal verbal acuteness is greatly enhanced. Your debating power and intellectual energy are stronger than normal. Writers and salespeople have an unusually productive month. You could sell coals in Newcastle now and the buyer would thank you for them.
This is a month of great personal progress and change. Things get done with ease and efficiency. Your personal charisma and charm are very strong, your sex appeal enhanced. Members of the opposite sex are attracted but don’t quite know how to handle you, you are so self-willed. Perhaps they feel a bit intimidated. There is some conflict in love this month, but also a lot of physical passion. Your lover’s feelings are very tender now, so watch your sharp tongue. Those of you involved romantically with a Gemini need to be patient. This is only a passing phase.
You are about to begin a great spiritual and psychological adventure. Many of you are studying spiritual disciplines – and you are correct to do so. They will lead you into wonderful and terrible things – for the inner life is filled with both. Your discipline and commitment will carry you through.

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