Horoscope Gemini June 2019

The eclipses last month brought financial and career changes and this month you will see the positive results of these. On the 21st you enter a yearly financial peak. On the 27th Jupiter enters your money house and will be there for a whole year. This might be more of a lifetime peak than a yearly peak. The money is rolling in – a good time to build up your bank balances and investment portfolio now. Managing your wealth can be as important as earning. Your spouse, partner or current love will also be prospering greatly later in the month. He or she seems generous as well; likewise parents or parent figures. Wonderful career oppor­tunities are happening at the end of the month.
Until the 21st you are still in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. All the pleasures of the senses are open to you and you have the wherewithal to indulge yourself. The only problem here is excess. Overindulgence carries a price tag.
On the 27th, as Jupiter enters your money house, a (very lucrative) business partnership seems in the works. It might not happen this month, but it will happen in future months – the opportunity will come. Your spouse, partner or current love is financially supportive, and friends in general are cooperating financially. The most important thing is that you are focused here, which is something that we haven’t seen all year. This focus is what tends to bring success. Your personal appearance – your overall demeanour – is impor­tant financially. You are probably investing in your wardrobe or accessories.
Health is excellent all month. You have all the energy you need to achieve anything you set your mind to.
On May 20 the planetary power shifted from the upper half of your Horoscope to the lower half. There are still very nice career opportunities coming to you, and there is still much success happening, but now you can shift some atten­tion to the home, family and your emotional well being. You will start to be more fussy about career opportunities. No matter how good they seem, if they violate your emotional harmony or place family or domestic stress on you, you are likely to pass on them.