Horoscope Gemini July 2021

Predictions Gemini July 2021

Retrograde activity increases this month, but you are not unduly affected yet. You will feel it more next month, as Mercury, your Ruling Planet, starts to retrograde on the 31st.
In the mean time. Mars in your own Sign (until the 6th) and all the short-term planets in the Eastern sector are giving you plenty of freedom, power and independence to have things your way. Others may be experiencing delays, but your life progresses according to your plans.
Over self-assertion, however, could cause you some problems in love. Your lover or spouse is backing away from the relationship. Not leaving, only creating some distance. Your social life seems on hold for a while in spite of the fact that you are personally radiant and glamorous. A good physical appearance helps love, but there are many other factors involved. It would not be wise to schedule either a marriage or a divorce now – especially after the 17th.
Important parties should be scheduled before the 17th.
Career issues and relations with elders and authority figures are on hold for a while as well – especially after the 17th. If you have important dealings to see to in these areas, do so before the 17th.
Most progress can be made in the home, in financial affairs, in your own neighbourhood and in the pursuit of your intellectual interests. Physical fitness and exercise regimes go well. Personal pleasure and sensual fulfilment are yours. Until the 31st your self-esteem and self-confi- dence are strong. Sales and marketing activities go well. Your mind is clear, active and sharp. Earnings are strong. You have great financial insight and intuition. Friends and social connections are making your financial dreams come true. Investors are actively trading now and doing well at it. Job-seekers should send in those CVs and schedule interviews before the 31st. Employees find the pace at work slower. Relations with co-workers are uncertain. Happiness within your present job is also uncertain. These are long- term issues which time alone will clarify.

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