Horoscope Gemini July 2019

The Water element became very strong last month, espe­cially after the 21st. Now 60 per cent (and sometimes 70 per cent) of the planets are in Water signs. This heightens the emotional sensitivities in people. Little things, voice tones, body language, a seemingly innocent remark can upset people, so be more mindful this month. There are also strong positives with all this water. People are more tender and compassionate with each other – the love life especially is more tender. Personal creativity is also stronger. On a metaphysical level, it is easier to attain the ‘feeling’ of what you desire, and thus easier to manifest and create it.
Planetary retrograde activity is greatly increased now; 40 per cent of the planets are retrograde until the 8th and from the 17th to the 20th, and 30 per cent are retrograde after the 20th. We are at the maximum level of retrograde activity for the year right now. So be patient with all the minor glitches and complications that this brings. Slow down and be more methodical in everything that you do.
You are still very much in a yearly financial peak. Finances are very good right now. You are catching the lucky breaks and have the financial support of your beloved. The social circle is supportive as well. The Moon of the 8th marks a particularly strong financial day, and this Moon will clarify the finances as the month progresses. All the information you need will come to you.
Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual inter­ests becomes powerful on the 22nd. Thus you are in Gemini heaven. The cosmos impels you to do what you most love -learn, teach, read, communicate, sell, trade and market.
Thus this is a successful and enjoyable period for you. The mind is sharper than usual, likewise your communication skills.
For singles (if there are still any of you out there) love opportunities come as you pursue your financial goals, and perhaps with people involved in your finances. Social oppor­tunities come this way as well. Love is shown in material, practical ways through financial support or material gifts. This is how you show love and this is how you feel loved. They say that love can’t be bought, but right now for Geminis this isn’t so. The wealthy in general attract you. Health and energy are excellent.