Horoscope Gemini January 2021

Predictions Gemini January 2021

Ninety to 100 per cent of the planets are in the upper half of your chart, and Mars will cross your Midheaven after the 25th. No question about it, this in an outward-orientated period. Emotional issues take a back seat right now. You will find emotional harmony by first finding your place in the outside world.
Seventy to 80 per cent of the planets are still in the Western half of your chart, indicating that this outward orientation is social: you are focused on other people and their needs rather than on your own personal needs. You are adapting yourself to circumstances rather than creating them. Your good is coming to you through others and you must keep the channels clear.
Mercury, your Ruler, is in your House of Love and Marriage until the 12th, again reinforcing the social nature of the month. Love looks very happy and expansive. You are unusually giving and generous. There is harmony between you and your lover or spouse. Singles find love at parties, university or church socials, with foreigners or in foreign lands. Venus retrograde is a caution against scheduling either a marriage or a divorce this month.
When Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 12th you become more practical minded, more interested in making money for others and in cost-cutting and the like.
The power in the 9th House (Travel, Education, Religion and Philosophy) this month shows happy opportunities for foreign travel and auspicious educational opportunities. It makes the month in general up, optimistic and lucky.
Mars crossing the Midheaven (the highest point of your chart) shows that a friend is taking a position of power in your company or place of business. This is good news for your career. Yes, you will work hard, but you will get results. Your fondest career wishes are coming to pass now – but through hard work. This is a period for formulating career goals as well.
Your health is good all month, but especially so after the 20th. Relations with children are confusing but things are not as bad as they look. Don’t make any drastic decisions until Venus goes forward next month.

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