Horoscope Gemini February 2021

Predictions Gemini February 2021

February is a good month in a good year. Your health is excellent until the 20th. The element of Air – your native element – is very powerful, sharpening your mind, enhancing your communication skills and making your intellectual gifts more valuable and appreciated. The power in Air this month gives you a feeling of lightness and space. You feel you can fly. When you walk your feet barely touch the ground.
With 100 per cent of the planets moving forward and with Mercury, your Ruling Planet, moving swiftly forward, you have great self-confidence and self-esteem. You are making personal progress. You handle things with speed and ease. Change in the world around you is happening swiftly, just the way you like it. Conditions are unusually suitable for the exercise of your particular genius. People in general are more talkative, more interested in ideas, more intellectually orientated. You are in Gemini heaven. Mind your phone bill until the 20th, though.
Mercury moving through Aquarius from the 3rd to the 20th shows that you are receiving honours or otherwise being exalted by those around you. Travel and travel opportunities come your way. Those of you in sales, marketing or journalism have a super month.
The planetary power is almost totally in the upper half of your chart, energizing your ambitions and career urges. Many powerful planets are also crossing your Midheaven, indicating career advancement, promotion and favour from those on high – bosses, parents, elders and authority figures. Those of you who are still searching for your life’s work – the true work of your soul – will have a revelation about it this month. Job changes are good. Lucky offers come from other companies.
With so much activity going on you might want to take a breather after the 20th. Handle your career – which will be hectic – but let inessentials go. Rest and relax when the opportunity permits.
The Solar Eclipse of the 26th occurs in your 10th House of Career and impacts on your Ruling Planet. Great and long-term personal and career changes are taking place. By the 26th you will be forced to make a career decision one way or the other. Follow the path of fearlessness. You have ample opportunities this year. This same eclipse impacts on Jupiter, your Love Planet, highlighting flaws in a current relationship and forcing long-term correctives.
Love is active but stormy this month, though you have no problem attracting the opposite sex. Possessiveness and jealousy could be the problem. Whether you are single or married there are strong urges to make changes in your marital status. The rich, powerful and prominent are attractive to you. You are attracted to those who can help your career or enhance your status in the world. Your worldly ambitions have a strongly social content. You want to advance socially as much as professionally.

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