Horoscope Gemini February 2019

Last month on the 19th you entered a mini love peak for the year. You have others coming later on, but this was one of them, and it continues until the 18th of this month. Most of you seem involved in some serious relationship, but if not, this is a period for meeting a special someone. Your love planet Jupiter was retrograde most of last month until the 30th. Now it is moving forward and so social confidence and judgement are good. Mental clarity on love issues is back, so it’s safe now to make important love decisions.
In most areas of life you need to compromise and adapt to others, but in love you are having things your way and on your terms. After the 5th be more patient with the beloved. You seem in some minor disagreement. Until the 18th all the planets are moving forward. Thus you are in another good period for launching new projects or products into the world. The 10th to the 18th seem best. On the 18th (and you will begin to feel this earlier) you enter a yearly career peak. Career is active and successful and promotions now wouldn’t be a surprise. The 6th-7th, 11th-12th and the 19th-21st are especially successful. If you have issues with your boss or with the government, these are good times to deal with them.
Health and energy are wonderful until the 18th. After that, try to rest and relax more. With the career so active it will probably be difficult, but if you drop the trivia from your life you will find it easier. Your health is basically good this year, but this is not one of your best periods.
The planetary power begins to shift from the West to the East, from the social sector to the personal sector, on the 18th. Thus you will start becoming more independent day by day. You will have the power to create what you desire in your life, to go your own way and to find your own happiĀ­ness. Others will start to adapt to you.
Mars conjuncts your career planet Neptune from the 3rd to the 5th. A friend is very successful and supportive of you. Friends in general are opening career doors. Your high-tech expertise seems very important during this period.
Finances are strongest from the 11th to the 25th as the Moon is in her waxing phase, although finance doesn’t seem like a big deal this month. Status and prestige – being number one – seem more important.