Horoscope Gemini December 2021

Predictions Gemini December 2021

When Mercury, your Ruler, starts moving forward on the 11th, 90 per cent of the planets will be moving forward as well. Thus, this is a month of progress and achievement. The pace of change is rapid, just the way you like it.
Most of the planets are in the Western, social sector of your chart, indicating that change is happening to you – coming from other people – not originating with you. Your task is merely to accept the good that comes to you, allowing it to happen and staying flexible. Let the tide of life carry you forwards. Though your self-confidence and self-esteem are stronger after the 11th, this is not a time for power struggles, self-assertion and wilfulness. Let others have their way.
You are in one of the most socially active periods of 2021. Other people are very important to you. You want to be popular and accepted – and you succeed. There are more parties and social gatherings of all sorts. More carousing.
Singles have many romantic opportunities – either serious, committed prospects or just short-term flings. The choice is yours. You are enfolded in love. Love wishes are granted. Romance has a honeymoon tinge. You are aggressive in love after the 11th – you seek it rather than vice versa. The workplace and the neighbourhood are teeming with romantic opportunities. The Moon of the 18th is going to clarify and enhance your love life further.
Your career is moving along rather nicely, but you run the risk of creating problems because of your over-active social schedule. Try to balance both. Your Christmas bonus – and Christmas presents in general – seem larger than usual as your Money Planet conjuncts Jupiter on Christmas. You are more lavish in your giving as well. Your Money House is not especially active, showing that money-making takes a back seat to your social life and career. Prestige and status count more than money. The Moon will wax until the 3rd and again after the 18th. These will be your strongest financial periods. After the 22nd it would be a good idea to channel spare cash to reduce debts or cut costs. Debts are more easily paid then.
Try to rest and relax more until the 22nd. Taking a non- resistant attitude to life, floating with the tide, as mentioned earlier, will save a lot of energy.

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