Horoscope Gemini August 2021

Predictions Gemini August 2021

Though Mercury is retrograde until the 23rd, it does not affect your health or vitality very much, only your self-confidence and self-esteem. With so much planetary power in the Eastern sector of self-assertion, you are probably learning humility. Hubris is always dangerous, but especially so now. There is a world of difference between healthy self-confidence and arrogance.
With retrograde activity intensifying on a general level, this is a great time to take a holiday. Choose somewhere close to home, within your own country. Foreign travel could be more trouble than it’s worth right now.
With Mercury retrograde and many planets in your 3rd House of Communication, this is a great month for writers, journalists, salespeople and teachers. But, until the 23rd, it is best to plan sales projects, mailings, speeches and lessons rather than actually to release them into the world. Write and plan until the 23rd, release to the public afterwards.
Relations with neighbours and siblings are stormy this month, and the Solar Eclipse of the 22nd is going to intensify things. Volatility will force hidden things to the surface so that they can be corrected. Anger reveals a hidden cause – probably an old smouldering resentment – so that corrective measures can be taken. Flaws in your car or communication equipment are coming to the surface as well, and some things may have to be repaired or got rid of. These problems have been there a long time, but the eclipse forces action on them.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th is basically kind to you. It occurs in your 9th House (Travel, Education, Religion and Philosophy) and thus should be interpreted as lucky. It affects your financial life in an interesting way. Has someone been stealing from the till? Or putting an expense on you that is not yours? Is an investment you own not what you believed it to be? A current financial arrangement flawed? Rest assured that the eclipse will reveal the problem – bringing it to your attention so that you can deal with it. You are forced to take action one way or another.
Take a reduced schedule around the times of these eclipses – two days before and a day after is best.

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