Horoscope Gemini August 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 4th and from the 19th to the 31st: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 5th to the 19th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 19th occurs in Leo, your 3rd Solar House. Communication projects clear up as the month unfolds. The Moon of the 4th occurs in Aquarius, your 9th Solar. House, giving you extra energy to achieve educational and religious goals.
Health still needs to be watched but especially after the 23rd. Elective surgery is better scheduled after the 23rd than before – late next month might even be better. Health is enhanced through detox programmes and the right diet. Fitness rprogrammes need -to be- matched to your health needs.
Still and all you have a lot going for you. Two Grand Trines this month: one in Fire and one in Air are very harmonious to you. The Grand Trine in Fire on the 8th and 9th brings energy, enthusiasm, creativity and financial abundance. The Grand Trine in Air on the 21st and 22nd enhances your already strong intellectual gifts and sharpens communication skills. Sales, marketing, ad campaigns and the like go well. Teachers, students, writers – intellectual workers – will have a banner month.
You are in one of the best financial months of your year – perhaps your life. Two powerful benefics, Jupiter, and Venus, camp out in your Money House this month. Though Jupiter and Venus go conjunct once a year, it is rare that they go conjunct in the Money House. This happens only once in 11 or so years. Large and happy financial windfalls happen. There are abundant financial opportunities. You buy big-ticket items. Investments increase in value, and new investments will tend to be fortunate. Money, and wealth come by ‘grace’ and not so much through your personal effort. In many cases this is indicating, a marriage (or business partnership) with someone wealthy. Social connections and your spouse or partner play a big role in your prosperity. There is one caveat that should be mentioned: both Jupiter and Venus, are spendthrifts. There are almost no planets in the Earth element early in the month. So don’t spend your wealth’tefore it happens, and dbn’t overspend. Try to maintain some semblance, of ‘practicality’. It won’t be easy. The best term to describe this month is ‘financial rapture’.
Love is still tense and stormy. Volatile. Love is expressed in terms of financial support. Material gifts turn you on. You are allured by wealth and wealthy people – people who can help you attain your financial goals. The problem here is that you should also be looking at other issues – other compatibilities. Be careful of treating your beloved as another possession or bauble.
Most of the planets are below the horizon, so continue to focus on family and psychological goals. Career is more or less in abeyance anyway – a status quo situation.

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