Horoscope Gemini April 2021

Predictions Gemini April 2021

The retrograde of Mercury, your Ruler, ironically seems to work in your favour this month. Without it you might become too uncompromising or willing to alienate the wrong people. Perhaps it is good that you are more humble, a bit unsure of yourself, unwilling to assert your own will. Your personal will could interfere with the wonderful things happening in your career right now. The message here is, let them happen and stay out of the way.
Secret things are going on in your career. Secret decisions -wonderful ones- are being taken. Friends and loved ones are intervening on your behalf. You have friends in the right places now. Pay rises, promotions, honours and perhaps new job offers are coming. You have many career options now. You mix with the high, the mighty and the socially prestigious. There are more office parties, flirtations with superiors or politically involved people, and fund-raising affairs this month.
Though Pluto is retrograding in your 7th House of Love and Marriage, you probably won’t feel the effect this month as other things are neutralizing it. Love is ecstatic. As ideal as it can be in this mortal realm. One would have to ascend to Olympus to find improvement. Those involved in serious relationships are deepening them and being more romantic with their partner. The uninvolved start becoming involved and have many opportunities to do so. You are dating or romancing with people in a higher social bracket. New worlds and new vistas are opening up to you. Optimism is high, any good thing is possible. Love is tender and idealistic. You are in love with the world, with the animal and plant kingdoms as well as with your human lover. In this state you can understand the sentiments of poets, artists and musicians down through the ages. You see the world with different eyes and from a different slant. Those of you who are writers – and many of you are – are producing inspired, lyrical work during this period. The muses are kind to you.
Finances are stable and seem unimportant now. But the 22nd or 23rd brings good financial surprises. You are well taken care of.
Your health is excellent. Happiness covers a lot of sins.

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