Horoscope Dragon 2018

The Year of the Dog starts on 4 February and will be a variable one for the Dragon. However, while he will need to proceed with care, this can still be a constructive year, with what he accomplishes during it often having an important bearing on following years.
In his work the Dragon should make the most of the opportunities he has to add to his experience and skills. If he is relatively new to his position, he will find taking advantage of any training courses that are available and learning more about the various aspects of his work not only beneficial for his current duties but also for his future prospects. All Dragons, whether new or well established in their work, should make the most of any chances they have to extend their experience.

Many Dragons will decide to remain with their present employer over the year, but for those eager to move elsewhere or seeking work, the Dog year will present some interesting openings. In some cases these could arise in fortuitous ways, with friends and colleagues advising the Dragon of a particular vacancy or type of position it would be worth considering. By acting positively on any openings that appeal to them and remaining persistent, many Dragons will be successful in securing a new position which will not only broaden their experience but can also lead to other possibilities in the future. April, June and the period from late September to November could see some positive career developments.
The Dragon will need be careful, however, when dealing with money matters. This is not a year to take risks and if he is entering into a new commitment, he does need to check the small print as well as address any questions and uncertainties before proceeding. Also, throughout the year, he should keep a close watch on his financial position. If he has any large expenses looming, he would do well to allow for these in advance. The more he can plan ahead, the better.

There will be several chances for the Dragon to travel quite extensively over the year, either on holiday or through his work. When travelling some distance, he could find it helpful to read up about his destination beforehand and check up on his likely requirements while away. The better prepared he is, the more comfortable and enjoyable his trips will be. As with so many areas of his life this year, the extra care he takes can make a difference.
With his often busy lifestyle, the Dragon should also give some thought to his general well-being over the year, including diet, exercise and rest. To drive himself too hard could leave him tired and prone to minor ailments. He does need to keep his lifestyle in balance and if at any time he feels low or lacking his usual sparkle, he would do well to seek advice. This is not a year to neglect his well-being.

With the Dragon’s outgoing nature and wide interests, he will often have a busy social life. He could also find himself meeting others through his travels or through existing friends, and there will certainly be chances for him to extend his social circle during the year. Those Dragons who would like more companionship, perhaps having just moved to a new area, will find that by involving themselves in local activities and pursuing their interests they will soon get to meet others. Socially, this is a promising year, with February, May, August and December seeing a lot of activity.

The Dog year does, though, contain its trickier aspects and one area which requires care is the Dragon’s home life. Sometimes, due to his busy lifestyle, pressure and tiredness can bring irritability. Failure to communicate properly or give adequate attention to domestic matters can also lead to disagreements. In the Dog year the Dragon does need to be aware of this and set aside time to spend with family members. Talking about his ideas and involving his loved ones will also help. Positive input into family life can make an important difference. With travel favourably aspected, the Dragon should also give some thought to a family holiday over the year. With a well-chosen destination, this could often surpass expectations.
Although the Dog year will contain its trickier aspects, it will certainly not be without its more pleasurable times. And with the following Pig year holding so much promise, what the Dragon does now can pave the way for the success he is soon to enjoy.

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