Horoscope Capricorn September 2021

Predictions Capricorn September 2021

Put personal sensual desires on hold for a while and focus on your career. You are about to enter one of your best career periods of 2021, and much progress can be made.
Though you should take a reduced schedule from the 4th to the 7th – the period of this month’s Lunar Eclipse – your health will be excellent all month.
The eclipse is generally kind to you and not as prominent in your Horoscope as it is in others. An upheaval with your lover or spouse is temporary and forces positive changes. Upheavals work in your favour. Relations with neighbours and siblings are tense and you are making long-term changes in your relationships with them. Salespeople, traders and communications workers make long-term changes in their work or career strategy. Have your car and communication equipment checked out. Those of you driving old cars will probably choose this period to buy a new one.
Travel and educational opportunities come this month and you should take them. Foreign travel seems happier than local, domestic travel. The fact that many planets are in the Earth element works in your favour. The mood of the month is one of practicality and bottom line values. This plays to your strengths. Your counsel is valued now.
Though you are always good in technical matters (some of you don’t realize that you are, but you are), September is an especially good month to deal with these kinds of things. Accounting, inventory work, technical reporting and the study of engineering and technical manuals all go well. The new Moon of the 20th is going to enlighten you further on these issues.
Your Money Planet is still retrograde, so major financial decisions or moves are still on hold. Let feelings of uncertainty or doubt be a message to do more homework.
Rest and relax more after the 23rd, and be sure to dress for success. Your image is unusually important to your career right now. Positive self-promotion won’t hurt either.
The eclipse of the 6th is going to clarify a current relationship one way or another. But love seems stable this month. Travel and your career seem more important right now than your social life.

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