Horoscope Capricorn October 2021

Predictions Capricorn October 2021

With the planets mostly moving forward now and a lot of career activity and success going on, it is understandable that your family situation seems cloudy and confused. Family members are as confused as you are. Perhaps there is a move or a purchase of foreign property going on. Perhaps a major renovation or redecoration. Family members are either travelling or going off to university. There is much ferment and activity there. And though you have been called to the party life of late, family responsibilities take you back to the home.
On a career level, push forward boldly to your goals. Network and cultivate the right friends. Many forces are helping you. Some of you are promoted after a superior leaves or retires. For those in your own business, a major competitor leaves the scene leaving a vacuum for you to fill.
Graceful, tactful self-promotion is called for now. Avoid power struggles, but let the people in power know that you’re around, ready, willing and able.
Rest and relax more when the opportunity permits. Focus only on priorities. Personal desires and inclinations should take a back seat to your career now.
Love is stable this month. Friendship and group activities are more active than romance. Relations with friends are intense but happy. Your marriage is stable. For singles, love affairs are on hold for a while.
Your finances are greatly improved.
You are more clear now about your future direction. Your investment judgement is sound. You are ready to take a new tack, to experiment and play in order to achieve your financial goals. Increased career and professional status improve your bank balance dramatically. Elders and people in power are supportive of your financial goals. There is luck in speculations and money is earned pleasurably. A creative project gets public notice and brings in cash. Children bring financial opportunities – and they are receiving positive public attention as well. Performing artists have a banner month.

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