Horoscope Capricorn October 2019

You are still in a yearly career peak, still involved in delicate, complicated projects, and still in a hectic period. Health still needs watching, especially until the 23rd. Your career is furthered through involvement with groups and organiza­tions. Online activities and networking also boost the career until the 9th. Friendships are still being tested and there are many life-changing dramas in the lives of friends, but they seem helpful in career matters. After the 9th, as the career planet moves into your 12th house, it is good to be more involved in charities and non-profit kinds of causes. This boosts your image and connects you to important people. (For those on the spiritual path, the spiritual practice is the real career this period.)
With you, career peaks tend to also bring crises. The crisis now is not what you think it is. Right behind it is some fabu¬≠lous success, some breakthrough. The crisis is the message that progress is happening. No major success ever happens without going through a few ‘nightmare’ scenarios. These are the fears and worries that hold us back. Rejoice when they are surfacing.
Health is delicate until the 23rd. Enhance it by giving more attention to the colon, bladder and sexual organs. Safe sex and sexual moderation is important this period, and detoxing will be useful.
The family situation has been unstable all year. Now a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th adds fuel to the flames as it occurs in the 4th house of home and family. So be very patient with family members and especially with a parent or parent figure. Passions have been running high all year, but now even more so, so try hard not to make matters worse than they need to be. Do your best to make the home more safe. Smoke detectors and alarm systems should be checked, and if there are dangerous objects lying around get rid of them. Often hidden flaws in the home are revealed under an eclipse and repairs or corrections need to be made. This eclipse affects you strongly, so make sure you have a nice easy schedule that period – family members too. This eclipse also impacts on Jupiter, your spiritual planet, so there are spiritual changes happening too, in teachings or practice, and shake-ups in a spiritual or charitable organization you belong to.
Finances are still stressed, but will improve after the 23rd. Your finances are still under review, so keep working to attain mental clarity on the matter.