Horoscope Capricorn November 2021

Predictions Capricorn November 2021

Only two planets are retrograde this month, but one of them is Saturn, your Ruler. Still, with so many planets now in your Eastern sector you are firmly in charge of your life. Decision-making is always a slow process with you, but now you are extra-cautious so it is even slower. This is the way it should be when your Ruler is retrograde.
Most of the planets are above the Horizon of your chart, indicating career focus. Mars is getting ready to cross your Midheaven later in the month, indicating a power struggle at your company or business.
You will have to fight for your place and position. You will have to make bold and quick decisions. This is where the retrograde of Saturn complicates things.
It makes you loathe to decide. Your personal inclination is to bide your time. But events will force decisions. If you understand that events always cast their shadow beforehand, you will note the warning signals and do adequate homework. When the storm hits you will be ready.
Family relationships are also delicate this month. Tempers can flare. Moves are possible. A family member is meddling in your career – in a well-meaning way.
Love is stable this month. The status quo prevails. There is much more action with friends and groups than in your romantic life. Friendships are happy. The new Moon of the 19th is going to clarify this area of your life even further.
Finances are improving day by day. Avoid needless debt early in the month. Perhaps some sudden expenses come that hurt your financial position, but these are short term. Your overall financial health is unaffected. Earnings get really strong after the 22nd. Charitable and voluntary activities lead to financial contacts and profits. Dreams and hunches guide you. Loan applications get better treatment after the 22nd than before. Investors are kindly disposed to you then as well. There is strong financial help behind the scenes.
Jupiter, your Spiritual Planet, moves forward again on the 13th. After the 22nd many planets are in your 12th House. Your spiritual life and charitable activities become important. Spiritual faculties – such as ESP, dream interpretation, etc., are enhanced. Your dream life is more easily understood. A good month for spiritual studies and for writing about these things.

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