Horoscope Capricorn May 2021

Predictions Capricorn May 2021

Though on a long-term basis you are in a cycle of independence and going it alone, this month the short-term planets are all in the Western sector of your chart, suggesting a need for you to be more social and other-orientated. On a short- term basis, for certain short-term goals, you need the cooperation of others if you are to succeed. Bend and compromise a little.
This is still a time for building family and emotional foundations. A good period to redecorate or buy artistic furnishings for the home. A good month for family gatherings and for entertaining in the home. Pursue career goals from home and through family networking. Children and people
of high stature (perhaps parents or parental figures) are coming to visit you after the 3rd.
In general this is a happy month – a party month – a month for entertainments and, for singles, non-committed love affairs. Though the urge to speculate is strong, best to avoid it. The retrograde of Uranus shows that many financial deals and projects are on hold for a while, so you may as well have some fun, schedule a holiday or indulge in creative pursuits. You will have plenty of time to be serious after the 21st when the pace at work increases. Financial projects need time to germinate and grow. Your earnings are stronger after the 21st than before.
Your health and vitality are strong all month. Purity of the emotional life is especially important to your health right now. Keep moods and feelings pure and upbeat and your health will sparkle even more.
Avoid major investment decisions where possible. Don’t invest until you’re 100 per cent sure. Research all financial projects thoroughly. Inner doubt is a warning from above.
Relations with children are harmonious this month and you have a special knack now for getting on with them. Love affairs can be dangerous to your wallet. Yet there is a happy career connection on the 28th – perhaps through a love contact. Looks like you’re buying some new clothing or jewellery on that day.

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