Horoscope Capricorn May 2019

Last month on the 19th you entered another one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks and this continues until May 20 – a good time. Capricorns can be workaholics so a period of leisure is very important. It recharges the batteries. This is a period for doing the things that you love to do. Capricorns of the appropriate age are more fertile this period than usual.
Health is good this month. You can enhance it further by giving more attention to the neck and throat (neck massage and craniosacral therapy is powerful) until the 15th and to the lungs, respiratory system, arms and shoulders after­wards. On the 5th and 6th pay attention to the spine and knees.
We have two eclipses this month. This will be a turbulent time for the world at large, but for you these seem basically benign. (Your personal Horoscope, cast for your actual time of birth, could modify what we say here.) Eclipses tend to roil up the psychic energies on the planet and thus it is always good to avoid risk-taking kinds of activities. People are not up to par these periods and though you might be OK, others are not. The Solar Eclipse of the 10th occurs in your 5th house of children, so there will be dramas in the lives of your children or children figures in your life. Do your best to keep them out of harm’s way this period. A parent or parent figure makes important financial changes, perhaps due to some upheaval or surprise. Your spouse, partner or current love is also making dramatic financial changes. Since the Sun is ruler of your 8th house of transformation, Solar Eclipses often bring encounters with death or near-death kinds of experiences. Sometimes surgery is recommended, or they happen. The angel of death pays a visit. Most likely he is not after you, but he lets you know that he is around.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th occurs in your 12th house of spirituality and it will bring dramatic spiritual changes -changes in your practice or changes of teachings or teachers. There are dramas with the guru or minister figures in your life and shake-ups in spiritual or charitable organizations that you belong to. Like every Lunar Eclipse, love is tested, business partnerships as well. These testings can happen in various ways. Sometimes old resentments surface so they can be corrected. Sometimes the relationship gets tested because of dramas that occur in the life of the beloved or partners. Be more patient with these people this period. They are more temperamental. This Lunar Eclipse impacts on Neptune, which again indicates spiritual changes are happening. But it also tests cars and communication equip­ment. Drive more carefully this period.