Horoscope Capricorn May 2018

Health still needs watching, but is much improved over last month. Overall energy is much stronger. If you got through last month with good health, this month will be a breeze.
Happily, your 6th house of health becomes powerful on the 21st, so you are more on the case, more attentive, than you have been these past few months. Your health planet is still in Aries until the 16th. Thus health is enhanced in the ways described last month. Pay more attention to your head, face and scalp. Heat therapies are still powerful. After the 16th, pay more attention to your neck and throat. Regular neck massage will be very powerful. See to it that the cervical vertebrae are kept in correct alignment. The heart is important all year – but especially after the 21st. Detox regimes are also good during that period (after the 21st).
Your 5th house was strong last month, and is strong this month as well. You are in a yearly personal pleasure peak. This ability to have fun, to see the ‘light side’ of things, has powerful healing qualities. It will be quite educational. No matter what you are going through, face it with a smile. Laugh about it. There is nothing and no one in the universe that can rob you of your joy – unless you allow it. All kinds of circumstance can manifest (due to temporary stress and karmic momentums) but you have to look these conditions in the eye, so to speak, and tell them ‘I choose to be happy’. Then you will discover one of the great inner truths: happiness is not dependent on some outer condition or circumstance butmerelya spiritual choice that you make. Happily, with a strong 5th house it will be easier to understand this.
I had a client, an advanced spiritual person, who was facing very serious spinal surgery. She elected to do this at a very dangerous astrological time (the day of a solar eclipse). She decided to face this being happy rather than fearful or sad. She made wisecracks, thought of one-liners, joked with the doctors and nurses and saw the humour in every detail of her ordeal. She passed through safely and was healed. Hopefully, none of you is facing this, but whatever your situation, you can turn it around with joy and humour.
Last month the planets made an important shift to the West from the East. So for the next five to six months you are cultivating your social skills. Personal independence is weakened – not as punishment but so you can develop these skills in a better way. Life is not all about you. You are important, to be sure, but there is a larger context to life: other people. People skills are just as important as your personal abilities and merit, as you will learn in the coming months.
Children prosper from the 10th to the 13th. For you there is luck in speculations and inspired creativity. A move or expensive item for the home comes on the 1st or 2nd. A parent or parent figure prospers as well.

Horoscope 2018

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