Horoscope Capricorn March 2021

Predictions Capricorn March 2021

Eighty to 90 per cent of the planetary power is solidly below the Horizon of your chart. Continue to shore up your home base, mend fences with the family and function from your personal point of emotional harmony. Feeling centred within your self will help your career later on. Ambitions are centred on others rather than on yourself. Promoting their ambitions will eventually enhance your own.
With the planets balanced between the Eastern and Western sectors this month you cannot get too dependent on others nor too independent. You need to balance your own interests with those of others, never going too far either way. Sometimes you will be independent and sometimes you will need to rely on the good graces of others.
Two planets go retrograde this month, but neither affects you overmuch as they are not key planets in your chart. The basic momentum of the planetary forces is forward, and so go your life and plans.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 13th, though it causes some shakeups in a current love relationship or partnership, is basically kind to you. Changes and upheavals work in your favour. Things you dislike about the present arrangement will be changed.
Looks like major construction, repairs or renovations are going on in your home this month. Relations with a parent or parental figure are stormy. Social gatherings with family members can be volatile. Be especially careful of how you communicate with them after the 27th. Misunderstandings can further compound problems.
Finances and earnings continue to be strong. Bosses and superiors support your financial goals and create opportunities for you. Parents or parental figures are supportive financially, though relations with them seem stormy. There is luck in speculations this month, and money is earned in pleasurable ways. Investors profit from the entertainment or gaming industries – as well as technology. Job-seekers should focus their efforts before the 27th. Likewise those of you who are looking to hire others.
Many of you are engaged in sales and marketing projects now. You are generally successful, but try to complete these projects before the 27th. Completing them before the 13th would be even better.
Your energy is strong until the 20th; after this try to rest and relax more.

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