Horoscope Capricorn June 2021

Predictions Capricorn June 2021

Saturn’s move from Aries into Taurus is a very important development for you, Capricorn, for Saturn is your Ruling Planet. This shift, which this year lasts only until 25th October, is a preview of things to come. While Saturn was in Aries you were more active, less conservative, more in a rush to get things done. Circumstances were such that you felt you had to act against your nature and, often, against your better judgement. It was not the most comfortable period for you.
But now, Saturn in Taurus makes a harmonious aspect. You are functioning more like your true self. Your patience and innate conservatism return. You are more willing to bide your time and wait for the right moment to act, rather than to act impulsively. You are more interested in creature comforts, fun and creativity now, and your preference will be to resist any change that interferes with these comforts.
This move is a very positive one for your long-term health and vitality – though this month rest and relax more after the 21st. Existing health problems dissolve in the rush of this new-found vitality, like an ice-cube melting in the heat of the summer sun.
There is some complication in your financial life, though, as the conservative and experimental sides of you clash. Somehow, and in your own way, you will have to merge and harmonize these urges, not going too far one way or the other.
Be very patient in financial matters now as you are at a crossroads. Financial deals and projects need time to germinate. Changes which you thought you had to make may not be necessary. Risks which you thought you had to take may not need to be taken. A pending deal could impact on your ability to enjoy life; you must think it through more carefully.
Those of you looking for work find it easily. Those of you already in a job are working hard. Those of you who employ others find staff rather easily and are probably hiring right now.
Your health can be enhanced through sport and creative hobbies. Your social life sparkles now.

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