Horoscope Capricorn July 2021

Predictions Capricorn July 2021

With retrograde activity increasing this month, you may as well party, have fun and pursue social goals. Not a bad time (before the 17th) to take a holiday and get some needed rest.
Job-seekers and employers should focus their efforts before the 31st. After that things get more complicated and there are more delays involved. Doctor and dental appointments are better scheduled before the 31st as well.
Financial plans and projects still need time to develop.
Investors are still better off planning their strategy than enacting it. Portfolios should be reviewed and re-assessed. Trading activity should be reduced. Those of you who are not investors should plan important purchases – doing your research now – and make the actual purchase at a later date.
This applies to things like cars, phones, computers or other communication equipment. Travel plans and opportunities also need a similar approach. If you must travel this month, of course do so. But inessential travel should be rescheduled.
Dreams and ESP experiences – and they are more abundant this year than last – need closer scrutiny this period. The vision or experience may not be what you think it is.
nor mean what you think it means. Keep a neutral perspective. Time will reveal the meaning.
Love is active, physical and nurturing at the same time. There is more socializing with family members and in the home. A good home-cooked meal will do more to turn on your beloved than a hot night out. Singles are much more aggressive in love now. They go after what they want ardently and have trouble taking no for an answer. Many of you are attracting aggressive types as well.
After the 19th, charm works better than caveman/cavewoman tactics. Singles seem involved in hot romances now. Opportunities come in the shape of old flames or people you knew in early life. Friends are matchmaking for you, and you for them.

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