Horoscope Capricorn July 2018

There is another solar eclipse on the 1st, and this one is stronger than the ones last month. Not only does it occur in a stressful aspect to you, but it has an impact on Saturn, the ruler of your chart. You should be taking it easy (taking a more reduced schedule) until the 23rd anyway, but especially during the eclipse period (a few days before and after).
Like the last eclipse of June 15, this one will test your love life – your marriage or current relationship. If there is more dirty linen that didn’t come out last time, it will come out now. Business partnerships also get tested. Your partner or current love is forced to make dramatic financial changes. Ultimately these will be good, but in the short term it is disruptive.
In spite of the eclipses, you are still in a yearly social peak. There will be more going out, more parties, more attending weddings, more social invitations. For the unattached, the eclipses will merely eliminate the relationships that are not nght for you and set you free to find what is right.
When eclipses affect the 7th house of marriage – and you’ve had three so far. There are changes (usually) in marital status. Some people decide to separate, and the unattached might decide that they want to be attached. This could lead to marriage later on down the road.
With your 8th house powerful from the 23rd onwards, this is a sexually active month. Libido is stronger than usual.
From a health perspective, power in the 8th house shows a penchant for detox regimes. More conservative people are prone to surgery – they see it as a quick fix to a health problem. Because you might be too quick to leap into surgery, it is best to get a second opinion.
The financial changes made by a partner seem to be working out. This is a prosperous period for him or her – a yearly financial peak. Though your personal earning power is still strong – especially after the 22nd – your financial planet is going retrograde on the 9th. Earnings are still happening, but the pace is slower. You are in a long-term period for a review of your financial situation. Major purchases, investments or decisions need more homework.
Health improves after the 23rd, but still needs watching. Until the 2nd, enhance health through a better diet and by paying more attention to your stomach and breasts. From the 2nd to the 23rd, pay more attention to the heart. Older Capricorns should continue to monitor their blood pressure regularly and avoid activities that stress your heart. After the 28th, pay more attention to your small intestine.
Children should take it easy, avoid risky activities, conflicts or confrontations from the 7th to the llth. If they are very young, keep dangerous objects out of their reach.

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