Horoscope Capricorn January 2019

You begin your year with personal independence at its greatest extent for the year. Not only is the Eastern half of the Horoscope strong, but your 1st house is very powerful until the 19th. When the Eastern sector is strong the cosmos urges us to cultivate self-reliance, to shape our destiny to our personal specifications. There will be some mistakes, but no matter. These mistakes will be learning experiences and you will find out about them when the planets move West and you are forced to live with your creation. Then when the planets move East again you will create anew and in a better way. This is the cosmic rhythm of growth and devel­opment. You can have things your way now, and you should. You know better than anyone what will make you happy and you should follow your path of bliss (so long as you don’t hurt others). You are also in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks until the 19th. This is the time to enjoy all the sensual delights of the body and to get your body and image in shape.
Last month on the 21st, the planets shifted from the upper half of the Horoscope to the lower half. The sun is setting in your year. The activities of the day are finished and you are getting ready for the activities of the night. It is time to focus on your home base – your family, the domestic situation and your emotional wellbeing. Like a good night’s sleep, this temporary withdrawal from the outer world allows you to build up the forces for future career success.
Good career opportunities are pursuing you this month after the 10th. But now you can be a bit more choosy about them. These opportunities should not violate your emo­tional harmony or family situation.
Health is excellent this month and you seem focused here. Good health is like a cosmetic – it enhances the personal appearance. Back and knee massage (always good for you) is even more powerful until the 19th, as are detox regimes. After the 19th enhance the health with ankle and calf massages. Give the ankles more support. Don’t allow financial ups and downs to affect your health. It might be advisable to invest in health gadgets after the 19th.
Job seekers have beautiful aspects all month, but espe­cially until the 19th. There’s nothing much you need to do; job opportunities are seeking you out. On the 19th you enter a yearly financial peak. It’s a time to build up the bank balances and the investment accounts, but use your eco­nomic power constructively – to bless and heal yourself and others, not to punish, dominate or control.