Horoscope Capricorn February 2021

Predictions Capricorn February 2021

You are more important to the world and to those around you than you can imagine right now. This is a month of fast-paced, frenetic activity and change. One hundred per cent of the planets move forward after the 5th. Jupiter changes Signs, and Neptune has only recently changed Signs. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th adds some upheavals to the mixture, and for most of the month there are almost no planets in the element of Earth (Caution and Practicality). The world is changing and people are reacting to sentiments and ideas – in a rather disorganized way – rather than to cool bottom line concerns. Cool, level-headed people with a long-term perspective are urgently needed now. You might be out of synch with the world around you, but your practicality will save the day.
Though you are always ambitious, 80 to 90 per cent of the planets below the Horizon of your chart show that you are focused on the inner side of your ambitions rather than the outer side. Ambitions need to germinate in the soil and grow healthy roots before you expose them to public display. This is a period to nurture career goals – your own and those of others.
Most of the planets are still in your Eastern sector now (though this is soon to change), indicating great independence and an ability to get your way in things. Things get done your way or no way.
Two specific areas of your life are most important this month – your 2nd House (Finance) and 3rd House (Intellectual Interests, Sales, Communication, Siblings and Neighbours). These areas will take up much of your time and energy.
Your earning power is still unusually strong – this is a strong money month in a strong money year. A good time to attract outside capital to your projects through either loans or investment. Those of you looking for work should find it rather easily – look to media or high-technology companies.
Your love life and social life are stable, and with Venus moving forward in your own Sign you have seldom looked so good. You are attracting the opposite sex, but your interest is not strong.

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