Horoscope Capricorn December 2021

Predictions Capricorn December 2021

Prayer, meditation and invoking the aid of the Higher Powers will do more for your career than aggressive actions or power struggles. Until the 11th formulate career goals, create positive imagery and in general clarify your career aspirations. Physical doing can come after the 11th.
The general world-weariness you’ve been feeling is just about over. It was a temporary mood, calling you to recharge your spiritual batteries and to spend more time with yourself. By the 22nd you will be very much involved in worldly, material affairs again, finding zest and enjoyment in them.
The 11th is an important date for other reasons as well. Mercury goes forward then and sales, marketing and communications projects can go forward as well. The situation at work or concerning a journey involving work clarifies. Travel, both domestic and foreign, is safer and easier.
On the 11th Venus moves into your own Sign, giving you grace, beauty, sex appeal and personal style. There is more fun and personal pleasure in your life then. You are playful and less serious – almost childlike. Singles get involved in a hot affair. Whether this affair will develop into anything serious is debatable. But it’s fun while it lasts. Women are more co-operative with you. The Sun’s move into your own Sign on the 22nd adds even more sex appeal and increases your erotic urges. Love is physical this month.
Finances are getting stronger day by day. The need to innovate, experiment, capitalize on new technologies and perhaps go off the beaten path is still strong. This is a time for being open to the new.
Saturn, your Ruler, starts moving forward on the 29th. This, combined with other planets in your own Sign, boosts your health, vitality and self-confidence. The world is looking brighter day by day. Doubt leaves you and you are certain of your future course. A good month for losing weight, cutting costs and expenditures and for physical detoxification programmes.

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